Our Packaging & Machinery Suppliers Include


Leaders in thermal processing.

Hot & Cold smokehouses, maturing & fermentation rooms, intensive cooling chambers.


Flowrap machines for flexible packaging


Worlds largest supplier of synthetic casings, including Fibrous, Collagen , Cellulose and Plastics.

Marlen International.

Specialised food pumping and portioning systems.

K&G Wetter Germany.

Particle reduction. Bowl cutters, grinders and mixers for meat preparation.

Metalquimia Spain

Manufacturer of stand alone machines or complete turn-key lines for the production of  cooked and marinated meats, seafood and poutry.

Pujolás Spain

Specialised manufacturer of meat stuffing and forming machinery.

For fresh, cured or cooked meats.

Lifters and product handling aids.


Functional casings for the processed food industry.

Kureha Corporation

Manufacturer of specialised barrier films for the Food industry.


Specialised barrier films and tubing for the Food industry.


Shrink films for food. Tray overwrap, lidding film technologies and flow wrap polyolefin films