K&G Wetter

K & G Wetter Germany.

  • Particle reduction and mixing equipment.
  • Bowl cutters for butcher trade to industry.
  • Grinders and mincers.
  • Mixing systems for meat and salami preparation.


Metalquimia. Leaders in injection and cured meat preparation.

  • Brine preparation and mixing equipment.
  • Injectors for meat & poultry.
  • Injectors for marinades and moisture infusion.
  • Maceration and massaging equipment.
  • Full automation and industrial turn key systems.


Pujolas meat pressing and processing equipment

  • Full muscle stuffers manual to fully automatic.
  • Meat shaping and pressing systems to maximise slicing yields.
  • Full range of preparation equipment for dry cured meat products.
  • Material handling aids and equipment.



  • A complete range of horizontal flow wrapping machines for flexible packaging for smallgoods, fresh meat, vegetables, and other food and non-food applications
  • The machines operate with flexible film reels in various wrapping materials on continuous cycle, taking the plastic film from a reel, sealing it all around the product.
  • The machines are suitable for every kind of industry, for small, medium and high productions.


Sorgo Thermal processing.

  • Hot and cold smoke or steam chambers. Single trolley to large industrial applications.
  • Climatic fermentation and maturing rooms.
  • Intensive cooling chambers.
  • Manual or full automation.


Talsa cooking kettles, particle reduction and stuffing equipment.


Tipper Tie

  • TIPPER TIE is a worldwide supplier of processing and clip packaging machines. Our product range includes fine cutters for emulsified products and a complete line of clippers from tabletop models to fully automated, high speed systems that seal, clip, net, bag and hang a wide variety of products. We have a long history in the food processing industry – especially meat and poultry. Outside of the food industry, TIPPER TIE is a trusted partner to manufacturers of packaged explosives, adhesives, sealants and other industrial products.